Welcome to RifleOvation

Our credo is to create custom-made desired, unique and highly functional compositions by doing a combination of top components as well as designing appropriate rounds.

The offerings:

Individual configurations of hunting and sporting rifles, as well as semi-custom productions based on work-contracts and on the German rights to do such orders.

We can choose from numerous products from the USA or Europe, such as actions or barrels. See “Partners” section.

For sports single-loader for long range or 300m precision disciplines, we offer the newly developed “X-Out Precision” systems of different sizes in combination with freely selectable barrels and stocks.

Imports of mass-produced weapons and products in accordance with German weapons-law are also possible on request.

We also have components such as bullets from small manufacturers in the United, as well as tools and optics, on stock or we are able to order them. We also can have them specially manufactured.

Implement your technical and optical ideas apart from the usual division of labor manufacturing and thus map your skills in the target. We only use barrels with prefabricated cartridge chambers on request. We usually work with the use of barrels blank and process them ourselves in cooperation with our partners.

Minimize negative influences on the technology by using components from recognized top manufacturers.

Talk to us if you are interested in long range shooting.


Reinhard Lang – RifleOvation